January 1st, 2021

Yakari yawning

Yay. We made it. 2021.

Finally, goodbye 2020. Now let’s start this decade off right. No property taxes, No income taxes, pay raises all around. YAY us. Ah....wouldn't that all be nice. I'm confronting this decade by ......saving my pennies.. Oh well. I'm writing this just before the ice storm hits us. For 12 hours or more! Time to look for a snow plowing service. My arthritis hasn't gotten worse (ok ok. it just upgraded itself). But I’m coming around.  it is getting better. Hey, I’m getting to become "OLD". Interesting. I'm still thinking, feeling the same as I did as a kid. But with eyes that have seen through life. This is what wisdom must be like?

May 2021 be oh so much better than 2020.

I love you all. Spread the word.

Stay safe.
I'm off
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