December 1st, 2020


I know, I know. its way too early to put Santa's icon up. but, it is December 1th.

Yay. We made it. December 1th, and November is finally gone. IT's in the books as a mystery month. We don't know what was going on half the time. Now, of course, we know, it’s Santa's month. YAY US. The big guy in the red suit will be feeding his reindeer extra corn and he'll be packing his bag with gifts for all of us. Ah. December.  And, of course, I'll have another birthday. Ah, the memories that brings back. The Lionel train set. A drum kit that drove my mom and brother crazy. A small 1 1/2 inches tape recorder. Things only a child could possibly love. And I did. They all played a role in helping me become what I am today: broke!!! But, it was a loving time. Still is. We just need to help other "kids", grow into life.
I'm off
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