November 30th, 2020


Welcome to "Blue Monday", again, with 28 degree temps.

Yup. Here are, 28 degrees, maybe even rain mixed with snow, and I haven't taken care of the lawn mower yet! Well, Heck, I'll be using it once again in about 6 months, or so. Why do all that work? Specially, when Mr. Arthritis is visiting again. The weather and arthritis are connected. How, I don't know, but I know we're in for a major change. Yuck. But I did manage to win the cat’s paw award last night. With the cat Scooter on my lap, sleeping, I fell asleep too. Holding the cat. For over an hour!  I hope the cat appreciates this. He ‘wants to try again today. I can tell. He was frightened last night when he looked out the front door and saw a possum eating cat food. To my cat, a possum looks for all the world like a Godzilla mouse. With no roar, of course. I think it’s time to get the humidifier out. I can tell. The cat is electric!
I'm off
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