November 20th, 2020

Geneshalf all anim

YAY. It's TGIF. and the Calvary is on its way.

Two weeks have gone by, and finally, I can see the end to this nasty arthritis inflammation. YUCK. That hurts. But it's taken a vacation. Now all I have to do is pick out a chair that is helpful for me working on. This old steelcase chair is nice, if you’re working in a cubical, but not if your bend over, like I am. Here I go, searching and hopefully, finding one that fits my needs.   We went shopping yesterday. WOW, not that’s what I kind of call panic buying! Meijer could have used a traffic cop to direct traffic!  Now, maybe somebody can explain to me why they were sold out of gravy, but not one box of instant potatoes was gone??  Strange shopping habits.  Got bad news yesterday. My TV Mass Priest tested positive for Corvut-19. Not good news at all.
Happy Gobble Gobble
I'm off
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