October 26th, 2020

green plumkin

Halloween. 5 days or so, and counting.

Would a craved apple fool anybody into thinking it was a pumpkin?  Yeah, I didn't think so. Besides, I'd end up eating the apple. The pumpkin, if I had one, I would donate to the squirrels. They know what’s good. This starts one very busy week. Today is the 20th anniversary of Sony's PS-2.
 And here, a lot are waiting for PS-5 November 17 I think.  Had a good and bad surprise: one, I’m hitched on watching Trains on YouTube, special Japan Railways. Wow, they're great. The bad surprise is that my Fallout 4 games seems to have a startup software fall. Yuck and to think I was almost done with it too. No, this game is playing through the PS-4, no console to jump start the sucker. I guess either change the gems, or......write Bethesda game studios. They're big shots now, Microsoft just bought them, lock stock and skyrim. Oh well. Time to get on with the laundry.
I'm off
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