October 24th, 2020

green plumkin

It's Saturday. A good day to do "Nothing!"

Yup. It's 38 outside, the grass and leafs are wet. And I have decided to stay inside, and dream about all the work I might have gotten done today. IF...... it wasn't 38 degrees, if the leafs weren't wet. Ah....this is a little early this time of year. I always had the leafs picked up, the hose rolled up and the lawn mower stored for the winter. I have all that to do today, so should I say, sometime in the Non-38 degree weather. I found a disc of CD's that contained 48 some CD's, of just about everything I saved. All my Samoyed pooches photos, with the 6 or 7 different Sammies I had. And other pooches. Some Ludington Photographs I took when me and Tim B, Now, Father Tim, took a vacation together back in 1971. What great memories. Sitting on the swing, while listening to the first air play of the Moody Blues "A Question of Balance'. Ah.....wonderful. The two nurses I met (we won't even go there) and the other gal on crutches. A great time of life.  The James Gang's tune, "WALK AWAY". This is the stuff loving memories are made of.
I'm off
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