September 29th, 2020

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When Fall comes, it comes fast!

Goodness, When Fall shows up, it shows up fast. Last week we were at 80, today and the rest of the week we'll be lucky to hit 60. But, that’s a good thing. We now have to adjust to cooler temps, soggy weather and oodles of TV.  Now I got that beat, I watched "Pete Kelly's Blues" last night. Jack Webb, Andy Devine, Ellafitcgeral, Peggy Lee, Janet Leigh, Lee Marvin. The list goes on.  My Mom took me to see it when it was a first run feature, at the Creston Theater.  That was probably the only musical I waited to purchase when I got the chance. It was better now than when I saw it at age 5 or so.
Now for the rest of this season, I'll be watching "Game of Thrones". My pal bought the entire season and still has only watched till season 3 or so. Me? I couldn't wait to watch another episode. A great series.
Ok, time to get busy.
I'm off

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