September 28th, 2020

windows xp autumn

Now i know summer has left us.

Woke up by falling temps. No need for AC now. Not when the furnace kicks on. And, it’s one soggy Monday to boot. Hey, wait a minute, I've already mowed the lawn, and I’m doing the laundry, and yelling at the cat (he loves to walk between my legs as I’m walking).
I just helped a friend out and now I'm planning on moving the computer junk over. My E-mail folder has over 1200 E-Mails in it. I'm a pack-rat, even with Mail. It sounds like the cleanup 92 street hill was a success. Also, Breakfast at Jerry's, W8MSK. He decided to cook breakfast for his pals in his drive way. LOL. Way to go Jerry!
Ah, that warms my heart.
Ok, time to go.
I'm off

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