September 26th, 2020


Yes, its the first part of TGIF Weekend. and yes, Master Roshi is still teaching us.

AHA. I finally got the branches sawed and packed into the yard waste cart. Now I'll mow the front lawn and relax a tad during this wonderful last nice weekend of Summer-Fall 2020. Boy, it's still a nice time of year. I looked real good, (actually, my friend Rich did) and discovered it should be a snap to mend my 40 meter dipole. Now that would be "swell".   Now, on to the hard question: which operating system should I install on my almost new computer? Windows 10 is out, I haven't heard anything new about "George". Yes, that’s the rumor that Microsoft's new operating system is named George during development. I think it’s kind of catchy myself. Sure beats "Bill", Hot-n-toten".  But I guess that will depend on the hardware development. AMD is going whole hog on put the video hardware inside the CPU. Now that should make it fast.
But, people have to want to use desktop computers again. They now have a love a love affair with smarty pants phones.
Ok. The lawn is calling me.
I'm off

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