September 22nd, 2020

windows xp autumn

another day in September: except, this is the first full day of fall.

Yup. Goodbye summer. Hello fall. To celebrate, my neighbor took me out for an ice cream cone. YAY ME. I got a little done in the back yard yesterday before she and her pooches came over.  Then, while we were talking, the abandoned cat walked up to us. Of course, I quit and went to give her food and talk with her. Then, we went for the ice cream, only to find out they don't open till 3PM!  Fat boy’s restaurant was the second choice. I bet you can't tell I’m trying to lose weight, hun. Well, I didn't gain anything yesterday! So there. Today I got a BIG surprise: Microsoft is buying Zeni-Max game studios and......Bethesda software and game studios. WOW. I guess they (Microsoft) feel they need a kick to their game console, what better way than to buy the largest game producers’.
I'm off

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