September 19th, 2020

windows xp autumn

what a change 24 hours can bring.

Yesterday I couldn't hold the cutters or saw to cut branches. They were too cold to really put any force on the saw. Today, about the same thing, except, it was a lot colder, like 40 degrees here.  I spent my time on both days trying to convince my cat to let an abandoned cat come into our house. Or, should I say, Scooters house. Scooter finally hissed and let out a Stay away howl. The gentle cat took the hint. I sat on the steps with him, and hand fed him.  I haven't seen him today. But, this is a neighborhood task: many of my neighbors are trying to help him. I wish I could have taken him in. You know, stray dogs and cats melt my heart. I try not to think of the people who just abandoned these critters.
I'm off

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