September 12th, 2020


it's TGIF, plus one.

Ok ok. I missed yesterday.  I was tired trying to feed and take in an outdoors cat. Friendly guy. Even Scooter liked him. But I'm sure he didn't get that big from being outdoors fat long. Sure enough, he didn't come back last night.  I'm getting ready to move "junk" over to my almost new computer.  It’s scary when I hunt for new motherboards and CPU’s. It's like people don't make their own computers anymore?? NO, I will not use my smarty-pants phone to replace my computer. NUTS. Phone, yes, everything else, nope. Right now, I’m waiting to hear how GRARA came out with their asphalt adventure Ham Swap.  Almost time for another Newsletter??  Changes, changes. Nothing stays the same, and that’s good. I grew up and so did the world (but the world didn't get fat).
Ok, I'll go check on how we did.
I'm off

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