July 10th, 2020

Boys be boys

Here we are, "TGIF". and a soggy, humid one it is too.

Finally, rain we can write home about. And thunder, and lightening, and a scared cat. But, we did get rain. Nice sleeping weather too. Now, we greet Friday. A tad cooler, but nice. Nice for me to mow the lawn, TOMORROW, not today. Went grocery shopping yesterday, and got two nice, plump tomatoes. YUM. Now if only I don't forget the radishes I got. Time to start putting the "Ham of the Year" web site. Too bad Microsoft got out of the software creating business. This will take me a lot longer to do, but it should be worth it.
I also should start putting together the next issue of Grara's QRM. If it isn’t one thing.
Ok, time to get busy.
STAY SAFE WEAR THOSE MASKS. The life you save may be your own!
I'm off

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