July 4th, 2020

Boys be boys

Now thats one hot day in July!

Sweating bullets, while sitting in a chair?? Yup. The cat left my side and perched himself in the AC bedroom. The rat! But, as hard as I tried, I simply couldn't do any yard work yesterday, except put out the sprinkler. Well, either that, and watch my lawn turn into the dust bowl! Now, for the extended forecast for the rest of July: More of the same!  "Can you imagine what fall and winter will bring?” Scary thought, isn't it.
Today is the Big 4th of July. My neighbors started practicing the fireworks display last night. Or should I say, Dynamite display. My whole house shook with the noise.  What will tonight bring?
STAY SAFE, Do WEAR THE MASK and STAY 6 Feet apart. If not for you, for the rest of us. You have our life in your hands.
I'm off

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