July 3rd, 2020


Now to beat this everlasting heat wave, simply "SLEEP IN". even though its "TGIF".

Yup. It’s TGIF and THE BIG 4TH of July Weekend. "Gentlemen, light your fuses!", and then, go hide with your animals. My cat is already scared, and it’s only been one night of fireworks. It's going to be a long, long weekend. We went out to breakfast yesterday morning at "New Beginnings". It was different. But saw our favorite waitress and had a pretty good time. But it was only 50% allowed and then, for about an hour.  But it was nice to see our old friends. Today, I’ll skip the hard, sweaty work, and maybe put the sprinkler on, and watch the trees grow. It's nice to see green spring up all around us.
Ok, have a nice 4th of July.
STAY SAFE, Do wear the mask and stay 6 feet apart. We're trying to save your life.
I'm off
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