June 30th, 2020


"The Eternal Lost Lurker" R.I.P.

Robert Morrison
The eternal Lost Lurker
He passed away on May 5th, 2019.
Bob, wrote many Fanfictions, i think the longest was

Ranma ½ Fan Fiction.
The Eternal Lost Lurker and I, Ancientone, met on the old "USERNET", where we chatted about Life, Anime and just about anything else.
On important matters, we always seem to agree. On others, well, let just say he and i were hard headed and very opinionated. But in a nice
We met on 1998 or so. When you know someone for over 20 years, you just don't write down the year you met.
We parted due to life. Bob created the web site, "MYTHRILLMOTH", where he would post his fanfictions and games he was playing.
Bob had a lot of medical issues. He never really mentioned them too much. He was more interested in getting on with life.
I would visit his web site just to see what he was up to.  Last night was one such visit. The site was down, and his passing was posted on Fandom.
Rest in peace Eternal Lost Lurker. May you find the peace and love you so badly needed.

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