June 22nd, 2020


It's "HAPPY MONDAY". also known as "BLUE MONDAY".

What a way to start the week. I fell out of bed (with the cats help) and made an appointment to get my hair cut at 10:35AM. COOL! I could get to things done at the same time. Trim my bushy hair, and get a gas can and gas. Simple, right! HA HA HA ..The best laid out plans. I got up to the avenue ok, but the sun and humidity wasn't too nice to me. Then, the hair cut place had their front door locked: you had to knock to be let in. Not so fast! They took my body temperature to see if I was ok dokay. I was. Then I waited while the two barbers were cleaning and sweeping and washing everything down. Wow. Now they were very serious. Good for them. I finally got my hair cut and then proceeded to go to the gas station. They had one plastic gas can left. Gads, I hate those things! But, I got the last one and 1 gallon and thought I would simply walk home. Remember what I said about best laid plans? The heat and humidity and caring the gas can in this heat got to me. I had to set the can down, and rest for a minutes. I did this 4 times. The last time my neighbor came out and asked me if everything was ok. I answered "YUP", I was just catching my breath and wiping the sweat off my eyes. I finally got home. YAY. I made it without airmed or the coastguard. HA HA HA.
Ok, everything ok now. Ready for the work tomorrow.
So please, "STAY SAFE" Do wear the masks.
I'm off
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