June 12th, 2020

Boys be boys

it's TGIF and a wonderful weekend its going to be.

Yup. It's TGIF and a wonderful weekend it’s going to be.  No rain, no SNOW or cold temps. Cool, but pleasant. Ah... Summer is almost here. 11 days to go or so. Then its downhill from there?  I just finished taking a shower after mowing and sweeping the yard. Got the mower back early this morning: didn't even hear him come. All the trouble, for water in the gasoline. So this time, I’m getting ethanol free gas. Enough of this high price expenses. I also discovered this might be the last year I mow the lawn: I'm getting old and it shows. I mean, I did about everything I would usually do, but it took a lot longer to do. (It didn't help that the grass was over 2 feet high either). I also didn't quit because I was tired, the mower ran out of gas!  Ah, it's good to be alive.
Now I can call my friends and rub it in about all the work I did today. (Even though they probably did twice as much as I did)
Ok, Enjoy the weekend, but,,,
I'm off

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