June 1st, 2020


HAPPY JUNE 1st. We made it out of May, and all alive.

June 1, 2020.  Let’s see how we greet this half way point through the year.  1. Corvud-19 virus, effecting the entire world. 2. All business shut down to prevent spread of virus. 3. 40 million people out of work! 4. Riots across the whole country.  And, yet, it's good to be alive. Feeling the onslaught of spring turning into early Sumer. With less auto's driving, the air breaths so much earlier. And cleaner.  The greater joy, seeing strangers helping others, even though they don't know them. Now that truly is a treasure to have.
So, we're going through some very painful changes, but we've already nearly half way through it. Just hang in there, and have more quality time with your animals.
Stay Safe Wear the Mask. Your life does matter.
I'm off

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