May 26th, 2020

Boys be boys

Wow, snow two weeks ago, 86 degrees today?

What a change in weather. Snow 2 weeks ago, 85 degrees today. Don't forget the sunny sun shine. Oh, humidity too. Yup. This must be the start of summer.  In the last 2 weeks of spring??  The good thing about this weather is my lawnmower won't start. YAY ME. Tomorrow, the lawn mower Doctor will pick it up and mend it. Again....STILL!  I guess when mowers get over 30 years old, they kind of fall to pieces??  Yeah, I don't think so either.
Memorial Day was quiet over here. Well, except for the occasional fireworks going off. Scared the poor cat into my lap. With claws extended!
Today is Blue Monday. That means empty out the kitty litter box and clean up some other things around the house.
I'm back to losing weight. I hesitate calling it a diet, because when your goal is to lose as much weight I have and plan to, diet just doesn't fit. This isn't so much a diet as changing my lifestyle and everything I did to get as big as I was. (Am?)
I'm doing this for health reasons, not to look good on the beach. (I’m already cute and beautiful!!!!)   Self-praise, half scandal

more later.
STAY SAFE  Be Careful
I'm off

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