May 22nd, 2020

Boys be boys

It's both, "TGIF" and the begining of Memorial Day weekend.

We made it. TGIF drum roll here, the beginning of Memorial Day weekend!  What a weekend we're in store for too. We kept the numbers of new infection spread down so now we can visit the Dr. both for us and our pets. Have cookouts. But we must remember, The Virus is still active, and just waiting for us to get lax with safety measures.
I remember many years ago, our club would get together and operate Operation Care Coffee stop. We’d locate at one of the rest stops along the freeway and provide free coffee and a snack, if we had any left. We also had a donation can, but that wasn't a requirement. We'd do this for 3 days. 24 hours. Ah, the memories. The cold wind blowing colder rain. Freezing our you know what off. Ah......These were good times...  "NOT".
It was fun, and it did provide a public service. Motorists liked to stop, stretch their legs and get a hot cup of coffee. Ah, I do miss those days.
As with everything in life, life evolves. So did us and the world.
Stay Safe over this long weekend.
I'm off (in memory land)

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