May 17th, 2020

Boys be boys

It may be a little early, but seeing folks wearing cut-offs is what summer is all about.

It's Sunday. Rainy, kind of cool, but still, it feels like an early summer. I spent yesterday bringing up my construction hose and uncovering the lawn mower, so I can charge the batter. Now the fun part: wait for 24 hours. But somebody has to do it. I'm also going to spend time checking out office chairs for my computer room. This is nuts! I could type so much faster and better, if I was only a tad higher.  Heard the long form of Mass this morning. It's been a while since I heard that. They had a new Deacon. I hope the regular one is ok. Now days........
A friend of mine's daughter’s boyfriend passed away yesterday. Now that was a shock. He had just came through having a stroke, and then, presto: he's gone. Only 54 years old too.
That does get one to think about ones age.
Ok, enjoy the Sunday.  Soggy as it may be.
Stay Safe Stay careful you’re important to us all.
I'm off

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