May 15th, 2020

Vidal two

Ah, a nice spring rain, with thunder.

Yes, it was a nice spring rain. No tornados, no icy sidewalks. (How did that get in there?)
Here we are, TGIF. Time to install the AC and time to charge the lawn mower battery. Of course, that also means time to mow the lawn. Maybe if I delay doing one of those things, I won't have to do the others?  Just a thought.  This season seems so unreal. The time is moving right along, but something, everything, has changed. Went grocery shopping yesterday, and it looked kind of back to normal. No hording that I could see. The meat dept. was offering " 30 days same as cash!” Now that changed! WOW. I settled for Cota Salami. YUM. Now put some onions on it, horseradish and pepper. There’s dinner!
Enjoy the wonderful day we're going to have tomorrow.
Stay Safe Stay inside till the nasty bug is taken care of.
I'm off

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