May 4th, 2020


YAY us. it's Monday. Laudry day.

Let’s all greet Monday. No sunshine, no 70 degree temps, and possibly, wait for it, S.N.O.W. "YES!"  I just knew I hesitated putting the de-icier and snow shovel away. And here we are, temps going down to 28 or so, that White, fluffy stuff, floating down from heaven. Ah. "When dreams come true!”
There, I'm glad I got that nonsense out of me. I have writing to do today. I finally just stuck to it, and got the Newsletter out. (Mistakes and all). I guess, I don't have the time to really put the finishing touches on the paper like I used to.  I'm still stuck on what kind of design I want for the Ham of the year web site. I will create it, no pre-packaged programs, please. It'll come to me. Just pull on the old thinking hat.
Time to get with it.
Ok, STAY-SAFE STAY INSIDE. It is still out there!
I'm off

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