April 28th, 2020

bonsai Tree

ah, another beautiful day in the morning.

Yes, it’s another glorious, beautiful day in the morning!  I jumped out of bed (fell), ran to make breakfast, and then emptied the cat litter box (are you getting excited yet?), and then started the laundry.  WOW. I can't stand all this action!  Then I ordered yard waste tags for the summer and fall. I'm hot today!  Good thing I'm not dating!  One lazy tired cat is enough.
Now, I’ll relax these tired bones. All this excitement is way too much for me.
I'll look over the tools at Lowes, on the internet.  Oh, I also found some scary new facts about covod-19, that I could have lived without knowing.
Maybe later, I’ll share.
STAY SAFE. Trust yourself.
I'm off

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