April 23rd, 2020


it's raining out. and cold, and yes, we had snow!

What a Thursday. Snow, rain and cold temperatures. What a way to almost end April!   I wonder what May has in store for us??   I bet Rocky and Bullwinkle know!  But they are not telling!  Went grocery shopping today? I was confounded by an empty shelve of pain managers. You know, all those over the counter pain relievers. The shelves were empty. We had 3 shoppers also stare at the empty shelve. I offered, that maybe they had put toilet paper there??  Whatever it was, it was gone. Yes, they did have toilet paper, but no V-8 juice?? Wow, strange world we live in. We can see people going through difference stages of adjusting to this situation. Not all of it, is pretty either.
Ok, stay safe Safe inside.
I'm off

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