April 21st, 2020


Slow Tuesday.

Yup. We're waiting for this shut-in stay safe guard to expire. I finished cleaning out the litter box, only to spill half of it on the floor. YAY me. Now get the dust pan and broom. Ah, great way to greet this 2nd day of the week. I decided if I’m going to be Shut-in, that doesn't mean I should shut-out learning, or testing myself. So.......I plugged in "Fallout 4" and have been playing that RPG like it was chess. Well, it does test one’s ability to solve problems and learn how to run away from the zombie like critters that survive the war.  The time fly’s really fast when you’re running away from these dudes.  Well, it's either engage this RPG, or watch "America almost has Talent".
Ok, I've done enough damage to my self today.
Stay Safe, Stay Inside. I don't want to lose you!
I'm off

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