April 17th, 2020


almost. it's TGIF and the cat had his way.

My alarm cat woke me at the time he set: 7:12AM.  And on a Friday. The nerve!  But I decided to take advanced of this early morning nonsense, and get my house work done. Off I went: laundry, shower, humidifier filling, and empty the litter box and oh, make myself breakfast.  Did I mention I backed up my computer?  Well I did. Took over 24 hours to do it too. USB at 2.0 isn't the fastest port out there. I can't wait till USB 3.01 gets here. Or is it USB 4??
It was, is, snowing right now, but ever so lightly.
 I think I’m going to follow in Rich D's footsteps, and not shave till this virus is handled. Can you say Santa Claus?
Ok, time to change the laundry.
Say Safe. We really need you.
I'm off

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