April 11th, 2020


Easter Weekend. The Easter Vigil.

What a beautiful Easter weekend we're having.  Staying put in the house with the cat, is a treasured moment. I'll never forget how the cat has learned how to wake me up at 5:14AM, EACH DAY THIS PAST WEEK! These are special moments. Of course, he's fast asleep, out of sight.  Cats.  A friend of mine posted this humor:  He saw his neighbor talking to her cat, as if the cat understood what she was saying to him. He walked inside his house and told his dog what he saw. They both had a good laugh.
Today is looking for the components to for my new computer.
I always want to keep learning about the newest stuff in the electronic world. It does seem to keep changing.  And get, smaller!
Ok, Happy Easter vigil and pleaes,
Keep safe-keep alive.
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