March 25th, 2020


This is what America is great for...."Pulling together!"

This is what it is like, when we all pull together.  This is what makes this country great. "US!”
The thing I wish for, is that the virus dies out, and /or the scientists discover a workable vaccine against Covid-19.
Today I rolled out the trash cart and my neighbor told me she and her husband were quentined. I  told her we ALL are quentined!  This is what we all must do to destroy this nasty virus.  Hard to believe it was only a week ago the world was just reporting how bad this thing was. Now look...
I'm waiting right now, for our U.S. Senate to vote on the emergency relieve measure. 2 trillion dollars. And it’s only a start. No, life isn't going to return to normal in 14 days. We'll come face to face with a new normal. But one we all contributed to.
Be safe
I'm off

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