March 20th, 2020


its a bit late, but the green critter from CupKate is still alive and well.

It's TGIF. A smashing good day to stay home and clean the house, shine your shoes and maybe just maybe, polish your suspenders! I've got plans for everything. But not a lot gets done. But it’s nice to plan.
I'll be using my time to back up this computer and get it ready for the "BIG" move. I'm getting another computer to use in its place. This machine is 11 years old, and it shows. I keep it up and running with diodes, IC's and thoughtful praises.
I also got a treat last night: YouTube had a new video on the Sony PS-5, and also the X-Box series X. interesting. Both console use an AMD special chip. More interesting.
Ok, enjoy the week end.
I'm off

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