February 5th, 2020


cartoons from yesterday. "Ruff N Ready".

Here comes the snow. and ice, and slipperly 'everything". YAY. and you thought spring was right around the corner. HA HA HA. No way.
I can't believe I'm almost done watching Deep Space 9. I've got 3 or 4 episodes to watch, then, "Avengers, Endgame".. Yup. I haven't watched that yet. Busy swearing at my inkjet printer. $34.95 for the printer, $54.95 for the caridge!!!!  Nuts. So, i'm looking for a trusty black and white Laser. The toner lasted years for my big use, not 3 months and 20 pages.
I threw out some more junk and i can almost see the end of the room. YAY me.
  Nancy, selling medicare sign ups, called again today. I could almost work all 50 states just answering her robo-calls. She calls about 3 times a day, from different countries too.
must be lots of money in selling this junk.
ok, i'm off

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