December 24th, 2019


Tis all through the house, not a creature was stiring, except for the cat chasing the mouse!

Christmas Eve. I'm doing house chores, laundry, empty the kitchen trash, change the litter box, and write in this blog. Gosh, i've been doing this blog since August 2001 or so. a long time to be writing.  Most of my friends have moved on to FaceBook, or twitter, or instangram, or or or....
But here we are. A great day, 49 degress, no ice, or snow ( it's coming-i have a friend in the weather clouds). I almost feel like going outside and raking up the leaves. NOPE.
To all my friends, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year. 2020 will be better. ( thats from the same source as the weather forecast).
I'm off
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