December 22nd, 2019


"HO HO HO". It's 3 days away.

11:30PM, December 21, 2019. Winter starts.  Like last year at this time, everything is melting, getting warmer out, and yes, it's all a fake. Winter is just charging it's batteries. We're going to get all kinds of winter weather. Icy everything, snow up my chinney, The mail man using a  ski-doo. Yes, that is Mother Natures delayed gift to us.
But I'm ready, I plan on painting all my windows with sun shine and turn the heat up to "JULY". yup. that should help me get through the first day of winter......
oh well, reindeers love this weather. and i love Samoyed pooches!  The two go together like ice cream and chocolate.
ok, I'm off

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