December 17th, 2019


Wow, one week till Christmas. One week from when i had my B-Day.

TIme flys. today is wash-N-Dry Tuesday. I'm waiting to hear the dryer stop. already emptied out the litter box. " all this Excitement over here is too much for me to handle!".I received my "Godzilla, King of the Monters" Blu-Ray yesterday. I chose to watch part of "BloodTV" instead. well, till today anyway.  I just found out my losing weight is on track, again. Now, 200 or 199, that is the question. My Dr. wants 199. I'm aiming for 200. maybe less. not sure till we measure body mass.   I bet having a pizza won't help that number go down, what say you?
ok, back to work.
I'm off
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