December 11th, 2019


Well, that was a nice BIrthday. My Neighbor took me out for hot

apple pie, with ice cream. it was only 19 degrees out!  But it was a nice celebration. I'm trying to thank all the friends who wished me a happy Birthday. Don't kid yourself, turning 70 isn't the same as turning sweet 16. It's more like "i forgot what i walked into the kitchen for" moment. Yes, the golden years. But oh, today. I rolled out the carts and froze my jeans to my legs. WOW. now thats cold. The wind doesn't help either.  No, i didn't shovel this time. Monday, it was puddls of water, yesterday, glassy ice slices. My plastic shovel isn't going to work too well on that. But, it will be all gone by this coming weekend. YAY.  well, i'm a camper now, I know I'm getting "Godzilla, King of the Monters.". YAY. again.
ok, I'm off
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