December 10th, 2019


YAY. Another Birthday is here. My 70th. Wow. where did the time go?

I can't believe it. 70. I actually made it. 70 years old tonight at 10PM. Wow. i have outlived many of my childhood school mates. That gets me sad. Mark, the book worm, who later would fall off a mountain. and so many others. I kind of feel alone when i think about my class mates. even college mates. I'm thankful I'm here. so many others are not.
So today, to celebrate my Birthday, i'm going to 1. do the laundry. 2. break up boxes for the recycle people. 3. come up with a good topic for tonights net. 4. Should i get a cake or not???.
All in all. it's a great time to be live. Thank you God.
I'm off and celebrating my 70th Birthday.
I'm off
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