December 3rd, 2019


what a gloomy day.

I swear, it looks like it did at 4AM!  Dark, gloomy, cloudy.  and cold. Hey, its' winter. Well, i had a yuckie surprize yesterday. I must have got water in my left ear: yesterday and today, i'm feeling dizzy due to the water in my ear. I now wait for the water to evaporate, and i can get on with walking without boucing into every wall i have. I don't need this today. i have a lot of stuff to do. Even with the dizzy stuff, i shoveled the driveway yesterday: i had too. Today, empty out the cat litter box.  The cat was all smiles after i did that. Today, i have some crystals to paint. maybe. I already ordered a Christmas gift for a friend. one that goes back years and years. more later.
ok, i'm off
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