December 1st, 2019


YAY. Goodbye November, HELLO December.

YES!  This is the month Santa will be coming to our house.  and yours too. What a way to greet December: Snow covering "everything!". Looks so beautiful. ( yeah, just wait till i go out and shovel it, which I'll be doing after i post this). What a wonder day it is. I'd just like to roll up a pile of snow and throw it at somebody. The mailman? naw, The Gas reader? nope, he/she has a hard time at this time of year. I know, the TAX collector. Yeah. But he won't be coming by. He's leanred his lesson. Nuts! So, just like last year, I'll make a snowball and throw it at myself. It's still fun. Some times.
Welcome to December.
I'm off
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