November 30th, 2019


YAY. The last full day of November and it's already into TGIFs' weekend.

ah, here we are, already into TGIFs' weekend. The snow heard me, and it is getting ready to drop flake after flake and then some.  I'm late today due to "Black Friday"s  sales. I got 2 eggs, 2 toasts, wheat and coffee. Good stuff. I also let my friend find me sound asleep in bed, at 9AM! , dreaming of weird things. We then, after eating that wonderful breakfast, went to Meijer's to get some groceries. The store wasn't that crowded. Now that was a surprize. I picked up Not-on-sale, orange juice, milke, eggs and V-8 juice. That was my "Black Friday" purchases. I know how to shop! Today is lets get with it Saturday. The cat did'nt let me sleep in today. Thats good. now off to work i go. All computer stuff right here, with the cat on my lap.
enjoy the weekend.
I'm off

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