November 10th, 2019

Avalon Trolley

Welcome to "Happy Sunday!"

Yes sir.  It's Happy Sunday. The day we relax and watch football, hockey, soccer, bowling....ect  or nothing. Your choice. Me? I'm watching my "Vastly improved, updated Radio".  Thanks to Larry KC8KVR, Cory KD8SZZ. They spent over 3 hours mending my radio. Turns out, the computer-hardware was running version 1.0, but the company had updated it to Version 4.0!!  Larry made me a nice little stand for the rig to mount on, with a microphone holder. Wow. a bunch of great guys. They also threw in an SD memory card, that has all 121 frequencies stored on it. Thats right, they not only updated it, they wrote 121 frequencies on to it. I'm speechless.  What a great bunch of guys!  "THANK YOU!".
Now you know what i'll be doing this Sunday!
ok, i'm off ( and happy)
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