November 3rd, 2019

windows xp autumn

wow, snow and rain. all in one night.

A very eventful weekend. Got the messy paper work finished. Then turned by attention to the awards page. Now that is going to take some work. But its fun and adventurous to design something new. Put the old college spirit to work. Had a rought night sleeping. Not sure why, but just a difficult time falling asleep. Now the cat, on the other hand. was out like a light!  Rotten cat!  Then the paws and cat nose rubbing woke me up and finally, i gave up, and got up. "Cats!". Today, being Sunday, i turned all the clocks back one whole hour, when i found the instructions on how to do that, that is. The digital age, my foot.  What i would wish for a "West Bend" alarm clock!
Today is search for e-mail address's. Yay me. just a barrel of fun i am.
Have fun, but wach out for black ice. i know it may be early, but.......
I'm off

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