November 2nd, 2019

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Snow?? showers!!! and on a weekend too.

what a weather pattern!  Snow showers, and on a weekend day??  "Thats not fair!".  Take it back. We want No furnaces kicking on, or grass that can be mowed......"AGAIN!".  Nuts. This isn't fair at all. I think I'll write my congressmans. Yeah, thats the ticket.    Now i feel much better.
We had our club meeting last night, and elected a new secrerary.  I wish him well. Now i just have to get on the stick and get the other stuff done i am working on. Of course, seeing a snow storm on a Saturday simply doesn't get me moving. yuck!   oh, and my cable box failed last night. actually, its' been failing over the last week, just got worse last nigh. So, i looked and held the cat.  The cat thought this was great. Cats are like that.
I'm off

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