October 19th, 2019

green plumkin

Here we go. sunny day after TGIF.

Warm temp, bright sunny day. THEN RAIN. You knew it was too good to be true. S.N.O.W. is right around the corner. But not today.  The cat and I slept in today. Busy night designing The HOTY site. ( Ham of the Year). also, checking out the hosting services. Wow, it seems the hosting sites have Shrunk , and by a lot! I've got time to do this, and it deserves a lot of thinking. These folks deserve the effort.
I did my fall clean up work yesterday: unscrew the garden hose, empty it of water and fight to get it down stairs. Plug in the lawn mower charger unit. It wants to be charged for 48 hours, so the battery won't freeze. Some battery.
and either today or tomorrow, i have to trim some branches. IT NEVER ENDS!!! Come on snow, cover all my unfinished yard work with snow.  wishful thinking , huh.
Ok, I'm off
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