October 11th, 2019

green plumkin

Wow, it's TGIF on a rainy Friday morning.

What a way to start the weekend. rain, dropping temperatures. and two feet of snow.....Ok, not here, but out west, about 300 miles or so. I can't believe the enviroment has changed so quickly.  Today is laundry day, due to me mowing the lawn yesterday and clenaing off Stanley, the stegasaurus. Yes, thats right. I also besides haveing a cat, have a pet stegasaurus. it's plastic, and very dusty, but i sent him on his way to become a "plastic" fossil.  I also discoered the ouchie on my foot was due to a bone pushing out. Drats arthirtis.. So now i have to discover a non- hurtful shoe to wear. these sloppy shoes i'm wearing now were not made to mow the lawn with. and what about shoveling snow??? yeah. if it aint one thing.
I'm off
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