September 29th, 2019

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A rainy Sunday.

Yup, this is a good day to stay inside and read the Sunday paper. Specially the comics. Sunday's always were special, due to our whole family eating together at 1:40PM.  Usually, a nice roast, a variety of potatos, and the ever present vegies. It was being together that spread the warmth in us. I miss that. Well, i now have a cat who loves to climb onto my lap and go to sleep. If you call me, and i don't answer right away, now you know why. I don't want to Disturb him. This is a good day to compose the obit for my friend. It's hard to face the fact that i won't be hearing his voice over the phone, or his fist over the Ham Radio using Morse code. But i can still tell him whats going on down here. I have many good, loving friends who are no longer with us. Thats what happens when your friends are older than you are. But they all were so very special in my life.  Gave me life, if i think about it.
I'm off
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