September 25th, 2019

cute cat

It's Happy Hump Day.

Yes sire re-bob. It's a happy day!  I got finished with moving and cleaning the last dvd case. vacuuming where it sat, and moved the dvd's around. My neighbor came over and was very surprized by how it looked. Well, looked clean. I moved all my "action" figures onto the porch: they are dusty to the max! Poor sponge bob and friends! I also found about a dozen VHS tapes! Wow, i forgot i had them.  Out they go. Now, all i have to do is sort them out by title and genre. I've done part of the music CD's: one whole shelve of classical.  I sure like music. Now maybe it's time to get another string instrument??
Today is the day the last of the window blinds go up. I like them better than curains. You still have to keep them clean, but theywont fit into the washing machine. LOL.
ok, i'm off
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