September 18th, 2019

Boys be boys

ah, another great day in paradise.

It's Hump day. Yaya us. Today is sorting out Wednesday. I'm moving stuff around in the house and tossing out oodles of junk i've collected throughout the years. and wow, do i ever have oodles of junk!  Today is roll out the carts, after i pack them with said junk. and move 300 or so music CD's. Wow, i sure love music!  you name it, i've got it. Sophia Tucker, Paganiny(sp), and others. Bagpipes for goodness sake!. Love that sound. But i've decided i want to move them from the east side of the living room to the west side????  Yes, i know. pretty weird. Had a nice lunch yesterday with my neighbor at "Fat Boys". Good burger. Found out what happened to the cut out wooden polar bear they had in front of their restrurant: someone hit it and said they were going to fix it. bye bye polar bear. Its still missing.
So, yesterday, mowed the lawn and got started moving. oh, am i great or what???
ok, i'm off
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