September 16th, 2019

Boys be boys

Here comes the last full week of Summer.

Yup. Next Monday at this time, Fall 2019 will officially start. That means, leaves falling, less Sun light, lower temps and lets not forget, HIGHER Gas bills. Boo Hoo. We all knew it was coming. justt not this quick. So to prepair myself, I'm doing the laundry, moving Furniture  around and just holding the cat. seems, he gets older, he wants to be on  my lap a lot more.  and for me to tell him how special he is.  all the time. Cats.
My pals cel phone is acting up pretty bad. He's had his a tad longer than i've had mind. Wow, considering all that they do , and for how long they do it, it's a pretty good investment. just not now. thahk you very much.
ok, time to go and chat with the washing machine.
I'm off

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