September 14th, 2019

happy me

I'm one happy camper.

YES. It worked!  I backed up the computer, cleaned it out. formated the hard drive, and installed the Operation System. Then argued with companies over "Legacy" programs, and restored the data. IT'S SOUP!
ah.  It's true. "I'm a legend in my own mind!"  It's only been 11 years since i first ( actually, Rich D) put together this computer: Name is Thor. So after 11 years, i'm looking for a new motherboard and then decide about a Solid state drive or the old rotatary drives.  We'll see. even the cat said to get a SSD.
So today is happy camper Saturday. bright sunny day. just the ticket to dry out all that wet stuff from the storm that went though Wednesday.
Ok, i'm off
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